Into the Wild!

A Unique, Intimate and Immersive Experience


ABOUT The Program

Ways to define the word 'wild' are as being untethered, occurring naturally or organically. This was my initial inspiration for the brick-and-mortar studio and has continued to be a word that inspires the methods I use to explore anything I am curious about. It has been my experience that people tend to get very attached to styles, lineages, teachers, formats and anything that gives them a sense of belonging or adherence. On the outset, that sounds appealing but it can limit our unique potential.

Journey into the Wild will be conveniently structured like a 200hr. Yoga teacher training module with affordability and accessibility in mind. Throughout this journey, participants will explore dozens of topics, styles, philosophies and themes related to Yoga, Meditation and other facets of life-changing practices. Inclusion, respect, integrity and awareness will be the lens through which all topics are viewed. At the end of the program, participants will receive a certificate of completion and be equipped with knowledge and the skills to successfully lead yoga classes if they so choose. Everyone will have a much deeper understanding of how to apply practices and a thirst for continuing this boundless exploration. ~Elisa


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