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Journey Into the wild

Journey into the Wild is a unique and custom curated program that will span approximately 7 months from start to finish. In this time, a very small group of participants will experience many themes and offerings surrounding and within Yoga and Meditation. The structure will be similar to a 200hr. teacher training, but with relevant and updated approaches. Upon completion of "Into the Wild", each participant will be equipped with the skills to appropriately lead Yoga classes and, more importantly, have a much deeper understanding of how Yoga and Meditation can enhance their unique human experience.

This program will be limited to only 6 participants, all of whom must complete an application after attending a preliminary information meeting via zoom. 

What makes this journey unique is the combined experience shared by 3 facilitators, along with special guests, who will guide this exploration from the perspective of different lineages, styles, approaches, philosophies, traditions and more. There will be an emphasis on creating space for diversity, inclusion and accessibility.  

Hybrid Approach

Due to COVID, this program will be offered in a hybrid modality. Participants will have the option to take sessions from home via Zoom or in person. 

Most sessions will take place at the private home studio located in the town of Goshen. The address and other information will be given to all registered participants prior to the program start time. 

All participants are expected to attend most in-person sessions, but remote is an option on occasion or if there are extenuating circumstances that surpass the benefits of bonding in person with the group. If participating remotely, you must plan to be on Zoom, with the camera on for the entirety of that day's session. 


Taking Classes

A major aspect of "Journey into the Wild" is the practice of yoga in class format. As we deeply dive into the non-asana based information, it's important to keep up with the physical practice in an effort to continuously incorporate all that we learn into the familiar poses and sequences. To make this possible, we will practice together during "in-person" sessions. Additionally, each participant will be required to take online classes via a chosen platform that we will reveal once you've been accepted to the program. Elisa, Robbyn and Kelly will also offer classes via zoom at least twice a month outside of the program schedule. The styles and schedule will vary and will be open to the public but will be free for participants. 

COVID Protocols

While we continue to deal with the reality of a pandemic, it is required that any unvaccinated participants provide proof of a negative COVID test taken within 48 hours of in-person instruction AND wear a mask while indoors. 

All participants are welcome to wear a mask at any time. 

Proof of vaccination will need to be shown at the start of the program for those who are vaccinated.


Please indicate if you have underlying conditions or are immunocompromised. While this will not be a consideration in the application process, we do want to be sure we can safely accommodate your needs. 

If at any time, the local government suggests or changes mandates or if there is a"lock-down" situation, we will comply, adjust accordingly and/or go full remote. 

The studio has two windows, an air purifier and fans. Additionally, there will be a restroom for washing hands and hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes will be available at all times. 


This program is designed to not only nudge you past your comfort zone, but to instill a stronger sense of discipline and make Yoga and Meditation more of a priority in your daily existence. For that reason, we will strictly enforce certain boundaries and will hold ourselves to these same expectations. We encourage open dialogue at all times. Below are some considerations:

  • Arrive on time for all group sessions, one-on-one meetings and special events (including zoom)

  • Commit to the schedule as it is presented*

  • Practice healthy hygiene and be aware of self

  • Respect for people, spaces and time

  • Abstain from gossip, hurtful speak and 'badmouthing'

  • Maintain an open mind and positive dialogue

*we understand that you may have important plans on scheduled group session dates. We will do our best to work with getting you caught up but understand this may be at an additional fee for our time. Please be prepared to make this journey a priority. If you cannot attend due to an emergency/illness and zoom is not an option, once you are able, contact Elisa to work out a plan. 

Required Equipment

  • Yoga Mat

  • 2 foam or wood blocks 

  • Yoga Strap

  • 3 blankets

  • Reliable WiFi

  • Access to Zoom on a device with a camera (visual and audio capabilities)

  • Space to safely practice 

A full required reading list and additional supplies will be provided. 

The home studio for in-person sessions is equipped with all of the above except for personal mats. Participants are welcome to bring their own props. We will also be using large and small bolsters from time to time. For those that choose to practice remotely, they will be permitted to borrow bolsters for the duration of the program. 


Below is the schedule for Group sessions. It is encouraged that you attend all of these in-person, but if you are unable, a zoom link will be set up so you can join remotely. This schedule was designed to accommodate busy work schedules, be considerate of some holidays/long weekends and allow for enough time in between meetings to complete assignments.


12th, 13th, 14th

Friday 7p-9p Introduction

Saturday 10:00-4:00

Sunday 10:00-4:00



Sunday, 5th 10:00-4:00

Saturday, 18th 10:00-4:00



Saturday, 8th 10:00-4:00

Sunday, 23rd 10:00-4:00



Sunday, 6th 10:00-4:00

Saturday, 26th 10:00-4:00


Saturday, 12th 10:00-4:00

Sunday, 13th 10:00-4:00



Sunday, 3rd 10:00-4:00

Saturday, 23rd 10:00-4:00



Saturday,  7th 10:00-4:00

Sunday, 22nd 10:00-4:00


FINAL Session: Late May/Early June - Practical Assessment and Reception

In addition, there will be a one-on-one requirement for each participant to meet with a facilitator for at least one hour per month. This can be done via zoom or in person and can be arranged between both parties in advance. 

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Every session and assignment will be thoughtfully planned in advance and presented in a way that allows for discussion and application for better retention of information.

  • 8 Limbs, Sutras, Philosophy

  • History of Yoga, Lineages

  • Ethics, Inclusion, Accessibility

  • Poses, Modifications, Alignement, Binds, Props

  • Sequencing, Verbal Cues, Assists

  • Sanskrit terminology, Mythology

  • Mantras, Mudras

  • Pranayama

  • Anatomy of Asana poses

  • What is Trauma Informed? How is it applied?

  • Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin, Chair, Gentle and other styles of Asana

  • Meditation Methods and benefits

  • Ayurveda

  • Business, Promoting, Responsibilities

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