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Check back in September 2024

Online Meditation Group

We'll meet every online Sunday evening at 7:00 in April to practice and discuss seated meditation. Each week will feature a different theme and/or method to help diversify the approach to practice. All online sessions will be recorded and posted by the next day for anyone who can't make the live session and for all participants to refer back to during the month. 

Social Media Support

A private group will be set up on Facebook for anyone in the group to voluntarily join. There we can review the prior week's discussion, share personal tips and experiences with meditation and support one another with material related to the practices.

*A Facebook profile is not necessary to participate and all important info will also be shared via email so everyone is included!

Personal Practice

Tips, tricks, props, space, posture and other elements to help make your attempts at seated meditation more fruitful. Explore different methods to see which ones are more effective for you as an individual. Optional journaling exercises to help build a stronger foundation.

Meditation "Coaching"

One-on-one consulting and sharing

First things first, I don't like the idea of coaching when it comes to practices such as Meditation and Physical Yoga, but I am not clever enough to come up with a better word for it. With that said, in Focus Group, each participant will have the opportunity to communicate specific challenges and hopes for their practice. I will be incorporating over 12 years of practice and instruction experience to help find the best posture, method and placement for your practice. During my instructing career I have led group meditation, retreats, introductory classes and private sessions with teens and adults (both in person and online). 


During the initial intake, the questions are designed to help me get to know more about you and the role that meditation plays in your current routine (or not). Throughout the program, we will continue to connect over aspects of the group meditation, your personal practice and to discuss what works and what doesn't. You'll get a sincere and personalized approach to your practice. 



The suggested exchange for this experience is $50 per person but if you are experiencing a personal financial situation that does not support this exchange, do not let that keep you from participating. Please send me an email with a figure that works for your current situation. No questions asked, on the honor system



Sign-up by 3/31/24 - First online group session is 4/7/24


No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

This group meditation series is meant to help participants become more comfortable with the practice of meditation as well as understand different approaches, the benefits and modern studies that address how meditation works. There will be suggested movement, yoga postures, stretching and other verbal instruction to help guide participants. All online and suggested instruction is offered as part of the expected exchange but at no time are participants forced to practice any nor all of the suggested practices. All participants are engaging by their own volition and are responsible for the safety of their practice space, props and approach to physical yoga and meditation practices. *Meditation is not a substitute for mental health therapy and Elisa Piscitelli cannot address mental health concerns. This series is a way to learn how to meditate in relation to challenges. 

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