Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer Hot Yoga? 

No, we are not equipped to offer the very specific system required for proper hot yoga and believe that, while hot yoga is a very beneficial and enjoyable way to practice for some people, it is not appropriate for everyone. Our classes are held at room temperature somewhere between 67 and 74 degrees. We offer fans and AC (in excessive heat) based on the discretion of the instructor and the comfort of those in attendance during any specific class. If you experience extreme hot/cold flashes as an individual, please dress or prepare accordingly by wearing layers or appropriate, breathable materials. Take breaks as needed. 

Is my first class free?

From time to time we offer a special but generally we do not offer a first time free. This policy has many aspects to it, the main one being that we offer a generous and affordable New Student Pass option of 3 Classes for $30. We encourage everyone to shop around our schedule, your first experience is not always a good determination of whether or not the practice is right for you and so trying out different styles, times and instructors may help you better decide if Yoga and Wild Soul are right for you. We also offer a Community Class every Sunday from 3:00-4:00 where participants can pay a $10 cash fee to participate. Not only affordable, but offered consistently and led by an experienced instructor. This is an all-levels friendly offering to everyone. Participants are welcome to take this class as many times as they'd like and can it be in addition to the rest of our schedule. Passholders are not charged. 

Do Class Passes Expire?

Yes, we are very transparent about our pass policies which can be found here , on our purchase page, as well as printed and framed on our desk at the studio. WSYS is a very small operation that offers BIG options for our community including accepting of all major credit cards and a robust software program for account management. All passes expire but we give ample time for them to be utilized. For example, you have 3 months to attend 5 classes, that's approximately 12 weeks. If you find you cannot attend one class every two weeks on average, please consider coming more often or just buying a drop in pass from time to time instead.

Are Gift Certificates available?

WSYS offers two type of gift options:

  1. Purchase a class pass online by selecting the "This is a Gift" option at the top of the Purchase page on our website. Once that has been selected, choose the pass you would like to purchase and follow the prompts. The options are to either apply the credits immediately to an existing profile in our system which is great for those that are "regulars" but you must know their email information otherwise you can choose Hold At Studio, in which case there will be a documented accounting of the purchase. All you need to supply is your full name and email address along with the recipient's full name only. No physical certificates or cards to remember. They just come in and say they have a GC on file and we can look it up and apply it right away. Gift Certificates DO NOT EXPIRE UNTIL THE RECIPIENT REDEEMS IT. For example, if you buy a friend a 5 class pass for Christmas, they can come in any time to redeem it with no penalty. Once it is redeemed and they take their first class from that pass, it starts the 3 month expiration (or whatever the expiration is for the specific pass) deadline.

  2. Purchase a cash value gift card (In studio only). This physical gift card can be purchased in person using cash or credit card in any amount over $10. It will be loaded and ready to gift. The recipient can use this card towards a class pass, retail items, workshops and anything else for sale in studio, some restrictions may apply. We cannot look up gift cards purchases or process payments without it. There is no recourse for a lost gift card so please keep them secure. 

Am I too old to practice at Wild Soul Yoga Studio?

No Way! We have an impressive span of community here at WSYS. Most of our classes are accessible by most abilities and with the recent addition of Chair Yoga we have made our classes even more accomodating. We encourage your honesty in your abilities so we can better serve you with prop suggestions and pose modifications to maintain your health and safety, but age is just a number and we are more concerned about your well-being than anything else!

Is WSYS wheelchair accessible?

Both our ground level entry way and restroom are both standard wheelchair accessible. Our chair yoga class also encourages the use of your personal wheelchair to practice in. 

Are your classes appropriate for those who have never practiced yoga before?

Absolutely! We have designed a schedule that is over 75% beginner friendly. While each class varies in style of yoga, most can be accessed with little to no knowledge of the practice. We encourage you to take a look at our Class Description page in order to assess which classes would be best for you to start with. As you will see, some classes focus on relaxation and gentle movement, while others support building up to stronger styles and more cardio/stamina building practices. Only you know for sure which will be best for your ability and limitations.

As a more experienced Yogi, will I be challenged and learn new things?

Absolutely! While our Vinyasa 1/2 classes are designed to be for those with more experience and our Hard CORE classes are fitness focused, both offer the practitioner options to push past their plateaus and explore advanced asana. In our Vinyasa classes, we always leave room for the individual to work on deepening a pose, attempting an arm balance/inversion/bind or generally taking the time to work on proper alignment. Most of our instructors were trained in Ashtanga/Vinyasa styles and sequencing and can demo or cue you into what they think might be a suitable advancement for your practice. 

Do you offer kid/family classes?

Currently, we do not have a regular kids only or family themed class on the schedule. It has been offered many times over the years but we found that attendance was inconsistent and the age range was difficult for us to pinpoint for appropriate level of teaching. We encourage suggestions. 

Can kids/minors attend regular classes?

Our policy is that minors over the age of 14 may take a regular class with the written consent of a parent/guardian. This comes with the understanding that they will be held to the same expectations and etiquette as all participants of any age in any regular class. While we truly dislike leaving anyone out, we have had repeated issues in the past where minors attempted to take a class and became either disruptive or disrespectful to the practice and others in the room. We take this seriously, we are not just an open gym or fitness center, many of these practices offer peace and wellness to everyone who has invested time, energy and money so it is our duty to do our best to ensure everyone's experience is not negatively affected by those who are not mature or accountable enough to abide. This same policy goes for adults and our expectations can be found here.

Are private lessons available?

Yes but they will require an interview via email to determine how we can best accommodate your needs and expectations. Each instructor sets their own pricing based on their experience and training. Other considerations will be based on where the lessons take place, if you have special physical needs/goals, length of sessions, etc. If you request and arrange private sessions through Elisa and are paired up with an instructor, please be advised there will be a 12% finders/referral fee added to the instructor's rate for arrangements made on both parties behalf. If the lessons are held at the studio opposed, to a private residence, there may also be additional fees. All rates and fees will be transparent and discussed up front prior to entering into a pre-paid contract. Instructors are able to set up their own private sessions without needing to go through Elisa or the studio, in which case neither Elisa Piscitelli or Wild Soul Yoga Studio can be held accountable, liable, responsible or in any way connected to any results or incidents on either the instructor or the participant's behalf, wrong-doing, negligence or failure to pay situations.



Please continue on to find our more about our studio and our suggestions to make the most of your experience!





Wild Soul Yoga Studio can comfortably fit up to 30 mats, in addition there is a private changing area, bathroom and reception area. There are cubbies and hooks for shoes, jackets, bags, etc. for you to store your items during class.


No shoes permitted on the practice floor in an effort to keep this area clean and hygienic. Wild Soul Yoga Studio will not be responsible for lost or stolen items under any circumstances. 


Please refrain from bringing valuables into the studio.

The studio provides a Lost and Found box for items students may leave behind. If the box is full, we will from time to time donate or discard of the items.


Mat Usage/Storage: 

Wild Soul Yoga Studio has a limited number of mats FREE to use and are to be returned at the end of class. They are at a first come, first served basis. It is recommended that you shop around and find a mat that you like once you begin practicing regularly.


There are high quality mats available for purchase at the studio, brands/styles of which were hand-picked by instructors based on their own experience of use. 


There is a designated area if you would like to store your personal mat at Wild Soul Yoga Studio. WSYS will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged mats under any circumstances.



 Wild Soul Yoga Studio is equipped with blankets, blocks, bolsters, straps and other props that are always available and free to use.


What to Wear: 

Yoga and meditation are low-impact activities meaning that comfortable clothing is sufficient without specialized gear. Clothing that allows for full range of movement and doesn’t require a lot of adjustment is perfect.



These classes, programs and series are separate from the daily schedule and must be signed up for in advance, unless otherwise noted. These special classes cannot be purchased with class packages/passes and are a separate fee.


Wild Soul Yoga Studio Suggestions:

No Cell Phones – they can be distracting to you, other yogis and the instructor so we ask that you turn them off and put them away upon entering.


Please arrive 5 minutes before class begins in order to get yourself ready, put down your mat and settle into the space. If you arrive late and class has started, please wait until the dharma talk and/or opening meditation is complete before setting up your mat.


If you are more than 10 minutes late, please consider coming to another class at another time.


*Early morning and later evening classes generally attract fewer students, if you are running late and are the only student that shows up, the instructor reserves the right to cancel the class. Therefore it is important that you arrive early to these classes.


Check to see if there is a class in session before entering the studio.


Please let the instructor know if you are injured or in need of special assistance prior to the beginning of class.


While it is our intention to make Yoga and Meditation accessible to everyone, there are injuries, conditions and/or illnesses that yoga is not appropriate for. The instructors at Wild Soul have all gone through various teacher training programs, are equipped to teach and offer variations but are not medical doctors and cannot advise in cases of trauma or recovery. Please use common sense and honesty when approaching specific poses.


Consult with a physician prior to beginning a practice if you have concerns about your health.


It is suggested that yoga be practiced barefoot which is ideal for balance and grip.


Please bring water, a towel and anything else you would like to have nearby during classes.

LINK to etiquette and standards: