WSYS Apparel Design and Alternate Logo

November 14, 2018


Subtly inspired by Alchemy and Sacred Geometry art, Elisa designed this image as she listened to one of her favorite albums and contemplated themes important to the Wild Soul Yoga community. Apparel bearing this image as well as an updated, alternate WSYS logo will be available in studio soon!










  • Flame = Discipline, Transformation, Ability to burn away that which no longer serves us, Heat, Masculine energy

  • Water = Fluidity, Nurturing, Support, Ability to go with flow, Cool, Feminine energy

  • Crossed Arrows = Friendship and upward direction of expansion

  • Octagon = Regeneration, Totality, Rebirth and Transitions

  • Circle = Divine self, wholeness and cyclical movement

  • Triangles = Creativity, Harmony, Illumination and Manifestation

  • Lotus = Purity, Fortitude

In addition to the above, many of the symbols are repeated 8 times in this design. The number 8 is significant in many realms of science, geometry, spiritualism and tradition. Oxygen is the 8th element on the Periodic Table, we often emphasize the importance of breath in our practices and the ease at which we work toward receiving it. Additionally, the number 8 represents harmony and balance.

Finally, when worn, the symbol for water will be on our left side representing Ida, one of the Nadis which coils around Sushumna starting and ending on the left side. This represents our mental processes, nurturing ability and feminine energy. The symbol for fire will be on the right side, representing Pingala, which coils around Sushumna starting and ending on the right side. This represents our vital somatic processes, heat, stimulation and masculine energy. 

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