Nasty Woman

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Back in 2016, this term had been used often leading up to election day and Valerie Mitchell had had enough. She turned the tables on the intention behind the term and made this design which she sold on her t-shirt site! She went on to open a storefront in Beacon, NY (Howling at the Edge of Chaos) which only sold products hand-made, created and designed by women around the world. She tirelessly curated and connected with these creators to be sure the quality was good and the effort was legit. 

Valerie Mitchell lost her life to ovarian cancer in May of 2019 and many of us lost a friend, sister, daughter, activist and champion for women's issues and ambitions. Prior to being a shop owner/curator, she was also a very talented yoga instructor who help scores of people over the years. She had once been a wolf biologist, actually tracking them in their natural habitat and thereby creating the permanent association with wolves and howling! Valerie was incredibly smart and had many career and academic accolades in her short life, including being a successful, self-taught photographer. She had an infectious laugh and was a huge fan of live music! Over the years, we saw and traveled to dozens of shows,  working our way up to front row when we could

For the same reasons, this term is once again being used and I went digging in my closet for my original t-shirt that I bought from Val 4 years ago. Once I found it, I then had the thought that other woman may want it this time around. Every shirt sold will honor her memory and talent, as well as contribute to a charity I know she would have been on board to support. I chose Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. for many reasons which are laid out in the product description.

We were unable access her files and so I decided to recreate the design myself and got it as close as I could with the resources I had.

Please wear with pride and continue to support Nasty (ie. Intelligent, Proud, Beautiful, Compassionate, Strong, Nurturing, Bold, Talented, Powerful) Woman everywhere. ~ Elisa