Pass Policies


-Class Passes can not be used for specialty workshops, Reiki, Hikes, off-site events or retail products.


–Expiration Dates are Firm and will NOT be extended! EFFECTIVE 10/31/19: Passes purchased after 10/31/19 will no longer be eligible for the former "rollover" policy.

-New Student Pass-One Time Only ( 3 for $30) can only be purchased upon your first visit and will expire after 30 days. Unused class CANNOT be transferred or rolled over to a new pass. 

-6 month Unlimited/One Year Unlimited Passes purchased before 10/31/19 are a contractual agreement made at the time of purchase and that contract auto-renews every month. It is up to the pass holder to contact Elisa to cancel the subscription after 6 months or One Year respectively


-It is with the understanding that you cannot cancel this Auto-Renew contract. Exceptions may be considered in situations where place of residency has changed beyond 10 miles of studio or if extensive injury or illness has been suffered by pass holder. 


-Classes are suitable for those ages 14 & older. A signed waiver from a responsible adult is required for all minors. 


-10% Discount is available for students/teachers/military/seniors on 5 and 10 Class Passes only. It is up to you to request discount, we will not assume you are a student, senior or in the military.

-Please understand refund policy on workshops, Reiki or other Special Event passes. That policy will be offered in writing during online checkout and are firm.

-Effective 11/2019 ALL special events of any kind will now require either a deposit or payment received in full to register and hold spots. Cancellation policies will be strictly enforced and will be offered in writing at time of purchase or on receipt if purchasing pass in studio. Please understand this policy became necessary after years of people abusing our generous policies, registering for events and not showing or canceling last minute with no accountability. 

-Class passes cannot be shared or transferred except for the 20 Class Shareable Pass available 10/31/19. No exceptions. Guests and/or minors must have their own pass to participate in class.

-Prices subject to change but will not effect already purchased passes.

The above was revised and became effective on 10/31/19. This information can also be found on our Blog as well as printed in studio as of 10/31/19. Instructors are not responsible for going over all of the terms and conditions at time of purchase unless purchaser has specific questions. We will not be responsible for misunderstandings regarding pass purchases as all of the terms and conditions are available on our website on 3 different, conspicuous pages and in print at the studio. Thank you for understanding, we appreciate your cooperation and value you as an informed customer.