Nancy Mesic

Nancy was first introduced to yoga in college, while taking a semester class to fulfill the need for a physical education credit.  She realized then the benefits it offered to help release stress both physically and mentally. 


After years away from the mat, she returned to the practice almost 4 years ago, mostly in an effort to find a physical activity that would not only benefit her body, but also hold her interest.  Since every class and each instructor presents a different focus and challenge, it definitely met those needs, and yoga has opened up so much more for her. 


She has deepened her practice by recently completing her 200-hour level certification at Happy Buddha in Goshen, NY.


Nancy is also a 7th grade math teacher at CJ Hooker Middle School in Goshen.  Over the past several years while teaching there, she has seen the increased pressure kids are facing in today’s society-in both social and academic settings.  In an effort to bring relief from some of these pressures and stress related situations, she is bringing yoga to her classroom, and with two other colleagues of hers, to the entire student body of the school.  Her hopes are to empower young adults to be proactive in their approach to finding balance with a healthy body and mind.