Heather Wieman

Heather has had a life long interest in health and healing. She was introduced to Yoga in 2000 and has had a passion for it ever since. With a medical background in Physical Therapy, a Certification as a Reiki Master, knowledge in essential oils, and a passion for Restorative Yoga, Heather has found her niche in a calming and healing community of like minded people, embracing a holistic way of life. Heather is certified as a Yoga Instructor at the 2oo hour level through Sol Full Yoga in Monroe, NY in 2016. She enjoys spending time exploring her practice in workshops, reading, meditation and breath work, and by drawing henna tattoos. Heather provides Henna tattoos during special events locally and at WSYS. She enjoys providing education about the safe and effective use of essential oils in a holistic lifestyle. She teaches gentle Restorative yoga on Tuesday mornings at 9:30 AM and provides Community Reiki on the first Monday evening of the month. Her love for yoga, energy work, and healing fuel her desire for learning, for growth, and continued education so she might better serve the local community.