Valerie Jean Mitchell - http://www.vjmstudio.com 


In addition to leading amazing classes at the studio, Valerie is the principle photographer at WSYS, taking most of the photos displayed throughout this site and beyond. She intertwines her knowledge of anatomy and alignment with her keen eye for dramatic images. Aside from yoga photography, she has built a portfolio that includes portrait photography, product/business promotion, marketing, web design and more.

David Listen - https://davidlisten.com/


Living a life of discipline and service as a monk in the Chan/Zen tradition of meditation and lifestyle for 11 years, David brings his experiences and teachings to his own method of trainings called "Life Practice". Please follow the link to find out more about his speaking appearances and other events. 

J. Brittany Ray, Nutrition & Health Coach - http://www.smilingbelliesjb.com/


Brittany is a force! A pro-athlete, experienced chef and nutrition coach, she knows what the body needs to perform optimally. Keep an eye out for her workshops, nutrition plans and other services or reach out and connect directly for a personal consultation. 

Old Stone Bitters - http://www.oldstonesbitters.com/


Our dear friend and beloved instructor, Valerie Shively has shared her skillfully crafted bitters in some of the workshops she has led at Wild Soul. Her and Hayden have turned this hobby into a beautiful art that you can now purchase for your own pantry.

The Fifth Vital Sign - http://www.5thvitalsign.com/


A Doula and a Labor/Delivery Nurse take on the country speaking with women of all ages about how to take control and responsibility for our health. No topic is off limits as they directly approach how our overall health is directly tied with our mentruation cycle. Women truly support women!!!