As of 8/9/2020 all online classes are now called Wild Soul Flow which is very similar to the prior "Rise & Shine" format. Each class will be varied and include multiple styles of yoga, meditation, themes and Pranayama. All-levels of experience and ability are welcomed to join in, modifications will be offered to make poses more simplified/accessible as well as more challenging/advanced.

“Every search begins with beginner's luck. And every search ends with the victor's being severely tested.” ~The Alchemist


Yoga has been a major part of my life for the better part of the last decade. By some standards, that’s not very long at all, but for me, it has been a lifetime in and of itself. The practice has allowed me to reach new depths within myself and to broaden my, once narrower, view of the world. The lessons, morality and discoveries I’ve experienced showed me how wonderful life is, prepared me for devastation and allowed me to have the capacity to continue to give and receive love in its many forms. Instead of feeling like a victim of circumstances, I’ve used my experiences to cultivate empathy. Yoga and meditation are the tools I’ve used to transform emotions into actions and develop healthier coping skills.


When I decided to open a studio, my main concern was that making Yoga my “job” would take away all the nuances and important aspects of the practices. In some ways, it did. In other ways, it allowed me to share my passion and belief that if we can step outside of our conceived egos, over time we can all be a little more compassionate, a little more observant and maybe even a little healthier along the way. Truer to our self.


As with all good things, sometimes the intention gets muddled, both by the Seer and Seen. 


I don’t want to waste energy competing with free offerings. I don’t want bitterness to take over while trying to compete with large corporations and chains. I don’t want to spend any more time trying to convince people that yoga is so much more than poses and pants. I don’t want these beautiful practices to become an act of desperation. I know my worth, I value my independence, integrity and honesty.


My motivation was never about making my way up a ladder in an industry, but instead offering practices fairly, affordably and in a way that balanced out my own investment of time, energy and resources. Without a physical home to connect with one another in-person, and based on the financial concerns iterated to me over the last few weeks, my gut tells me it’s time to find a new path. 


Starting Sunday, August 9th, I will be the only instructor representing Wild Soul Yoga Studio for the remainder of the month. My classes will continue to be held on Sunday and Wednesday mornings at 7am and will be all-levels friendly featuring themes, sequences and other content that I find appropriate for the energy of that day. After August, I will reevaluate what the next step will be for Wild Soul. My hope is to refocus on leading classes on a not-for-profit level with organizations that can truly benefit from these teachings and whose members have been underserved as Yoga itself has becomes more and more commoditized.


There is so much more I want to share about this journey, both the surprisingly negative aspects, but more so, the beautifully human and humbling experiences. Perhaps I will over time, but for now, honesty about the immediate future is owed to the community, the instruction staff and myself in order to move forward.


Details on how to proceed for both current pass holders and those interested in continuing classes with me will be laid out clearly in a newsletter to go out by the weekend and reposted on social media. I appreciate your understanding during this transformational time. Peace and Love ~Elisa


Sutra 1:23 Surrender as a Path Toward Enlightenment