Vinyasa Basics

A great place to start!!! A simplified approach to Vinyasa style utilizing uncomplicated sequences, direct instruction and easy modifications to customize the poses to the individual. Some gentle stretching at the start and end with information on anatomical principles and benefits. Questions are welcome during this class.



Vinyasa is a faster paced style of yoga, practiced by exploring dynamic sequencing of poses and transitions. Most categories of poses are incorporated into one class, such as forward/back bends, twisting poses, inversions and more which may present a higher level of difficulty for newer students. Exploration and patience are encouraged. It is suggested that those new to a yoga practice and/or Vinyasa style, check out Vinyasa Basics, Tune Up or Flow & Restore class prior to taking Vinyasa classes at Wild Soul Yoga Studio. 

Vinyasa 2/3

Picking up where Vinyasa 1 leaves off, Vinyasa 2/3 is a class for experienced practitioners looking to build upon their ability and knowledge of their already established practice. Utilizing various salutation sequences for warm-up purposes, then transitioning to challenging standing poses and incorporating arm balances, inversions, deep binds and dynamic transitions, this is the perfect class to get you out of the Vinyasa rut and into some deep level of your own body awareness and capabilities. There will be no beginner level instructional cues, those leading the class will go right into pose names, sometimes using Sanskrit terminology and will be available to assist into deep poses, but not take the time to explain fundamental asana alignment. 


The perfect class for athletes and anyone looking to build strength beyond basic instruction! Tarin has taught her ‘Yoga for Athletes’ workshop at Wild Soul Yoga, The Live Well, Be Well Festival at Bethel Woods and as a successful series over the winter. Now, she’s condensing her knowledge and experience to bring this offering as a regular weekly class on the WSYS schedule. Using yoga asana and body awareness to tone muscle and stretch. Light, hand-weights and other props may be used. Pre-Registration is suggested. *Please note, due to the advanced and challenging nature of this class, Instructors reserve the right to ask participants to either skip sequences or attend different classes if they feel you are putting yourself or others at risk for injury. 



Our Gentle class is geared toward anyone facing mobility issues from any number of causes. Poses are done with detailed instruction, attention to anatomy and practiced one after another at a slow pace. Your unique issues will be kept in mind as you move through some therapeutically inspired movements and breath work to help heal, strengthen and stretch. Therapeutic props, including myofascial release balls, straps, blankets, bolsters, blocks and more (all supplied) will be utilized to optimize the benefits  


Salutations as Meditation

Yoga Asana (poses) are intended to bring health and mobility to the body as well as to help focus the mind. They are, in fact, a method of meditation. This new class will utilize various styles and simple sequences to form fluid Sun Salutations, which are known in certain yoga cultures as an honoring of the soul within and around. Salutations as Meditation is beginner friendly and open to all levels. Experienced practitioners are encouraged to modify to their level within reason. The perfect opportunity to move and flow with the breath without complicated sequences nor challenging poses to keep the mind at ease and the body in motion. 

Tune Up

Tune Up class is a newly added opportunity to help practitioners from every level understand the importance of Pranayama (breath-work) as well as anatomy, movement and application of body awareness. During each Tune Up class, the theme will be centered around a region of the body, muscle groups or other anatomical relationships ie. hamstrings and quadriceps or the difference between flexion and extension, etc. Poses will be offered that strengthen, stretch and release. Appropriate breathing practices, alignment cues and modifications will also be offered. **Great for those new to Yoga as well as experienced practitioners!!!



Restorative yoga is a practice for those looking to relax and restore their nervous system using support from props and positioning that encourages rest for both mind and body. Any level of experience can practice Restorative poses as a companion practice to more energetic styles of yoga or as a way to soothe stress and anxiety from daily life.


FLow & Restore

A manageable pace to help connect to the poses and find your unique flow through longer holds and slower transitions. This class will utilize a slower approach to Vinyasa with modified sequencing to help build strength and encourage muscle memory without the vigorous nature of the more typical Vinyasa flow instruction. Restorative poses may be offered during warm-up/cool down to help soothe the system. All levels friendly, with some challenge poses included. 



Utilizing mostly Yin style poses, this is the perfect opportunity to work on encouraging flexibility within our bodies. Longer held poses, passive approach and meditation all come together to create harmony with the more active and faster paced practices such as Vinyasa. Yin yoga can be challenging from a discipline perspective as it inspires the practitioner to keep still and breathe through any discomfort in order to isolate the larger muscle groups from interrupting the ligaments and connective tissue as they gently stretch.


Community Class

Our community class is back on the schedule as of 12/8/19. In an effort to cover our operating fees, we are now asking for a $10 cash donation in order to participate in class. This fee is still less than drop in amounts, or any other discounted amount offered with our regular passes and is a GREAT value for a high-quality, worthwhile experience led by a much sought after and beloved instructor! Join us every Sunday from 3:00-4:00 for an all-levels friendly yoga class taught in multiple styles. Each class will be "instructors-choice" of sequencing and themes in an effort to bring diversified approach to the whole community. Pass holders will not be charged a class nor expected to pay the $10 fee when attending the Community Class. 

Sound and Movement

A new addition to the WSYS, this class offers gentle flow and meditative movement to ease the body into a comfortable approach. Utilizing understanding of asana and energy, this class is suitable for all levels of practice, including beginners. The second part of class is a unique experience of sound meditation and therapy as a way to soothe and relax. 

Pre-Registration Classes

As a locally owned, small business, we are always looking for ways to keep overhead costs down and our prices at the expected local rate. Therefore, classes that are scheduled early in the morning or that consistently attract few-to-no participants, will now be pre-registration required (PRR). These classes will have an * symbol next to them on our schedule. Morning PRR classes need to be signed up for by 9pm the night prior. While there is no penalty for not showing up once registered, it is an appreciated courtesy to send a text to 845-313-5343 as soon as you realize you will not be making it to class. 

If three or more people are signed up by the above mentioned times, the class will stay on the schedule. If you did not sign up in time but want to attend, check the schedule and see if the class is still listed. All are welcome to join in if the class has not been canceled! :)